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I like this photograph, it's very nice! It's got a good variation of moods and layers in the photograph, The foreground, Midground and background are all beautiful and I like to call 'Inspective' As i can look at each section for a long time and find things out!

However, it seems as if you've put it through editing and lowered the shadows or increased the highlights or something, theres something not right.

I almost see a highlight around the women in the middle, it may just be my eyes, but I like it, shes the first thing the viewers eyes come across so why not? makes her stand out! The clothing as well is perfect!

I feel the horizon line could be made straight in the background, however i understand doing that may make the street not have leading lines etc etc.

Overall it's an amazing picture and I like the fact that theres a lot going on.... Almost as if we're going back in time! :D
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Estruda Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you very much for the critique,i understand what you say about the horizon but i feel i would have lost the balance of the photo if i altererd it and yes i did do a bit of editing , very pleased you liked it ,thank you ...
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